Education and certification

Creating a new future

The Nous educational and certification program meet the needs of today’s challenged construction industry. By supplying breakthrough materials that are stronger, lighter, and more efficient, Nous ICT is allowing for greater design parameters that push the boundaries of established engineering calculations. 

Application of these materials requires an in-depth understanding of the specific technologies employed and newfound thinking in their application methods.

Given the advancements in building materials, construction professionals must stay connected to the materials and application methods required in the creation of today’s structures.

Restoring integrity and accountability

The construction industry is challenged by a diminishing trained workforce who understand the integrity and accountability needed to create and build today’s structures.

Nous ICT is working with forward-thinking accredited educational institutions in creating comprehensive curricula that incorporate structured academics, personal development, and principle-based, vocational training.

Empowering construction professionals

Students enrolled through Nous education learn the application of advanced construction technologies, a transparent chain of custody and materials tracking, project management and execution. Personal integrity, accountability, and personal transformation are vital elements of the curricula and, through this learning, students are given the tools needed to become motivated and aware construction professionals.