Emerging materials and technologies

Tomorrow's materials available today

We incorporate industry-proven aerospace technologies and advanced microbiologies, creating ultra-efficient structures that are affordable and durable.

Our materials are ultra-lightweight, up to 60 times stronger, computer-generated, are based on nanotechnologies, and, when combined, create ultra-efficient, low-maintenance, disease-free environments.

Let Nous invite you into the advanced world of building technologies! 

Selected examples of ultra-performance materials include:


  • Air quality control systems
  • Ceramic insulation coatings
  • GFRP fastening systems
  • GFRP structural steel replacement components
  • Jimi-sheets (GFRP plywood)
  • Ultra-performance biotechnologies
  • Ultra-performance concrete 


Up-and-coming materials

The evolution continues

Through strategic partnerships, Nous is developing the technologies, materials and methods to create healthier environments, reduce construction costs, save energy and lower maintenance requirements. 

Use of these materials demonstrably accelerates how your structures perform and how they add value to occupants and users.  

Selected examples of emerging technologies include:

  • Advanced disinfectant technologies
  • Basalt rebar and basalt fiber high temperature and advanced design
  • Insulated concrete form system
  • Non-conductive non-corrosive GFRP rebar
  • Ultra-lightweight tilt-up walls
  • X-4 wall systems 


Complete manufacturer-to-field assembly

Increased warranties and assurances

Nous ICT certified contractors, assemblers and applicators remain in constant contact with the manufacturer’s research and development team. This assures that the materials and components used in your project are professionally installed or applied. The manufacturer’s research and development team receive live, on-site and direct reporting.

Projects using Nous ICT certified contractors benefit from increased warranties and the assurance that highly trained, accountable professionals assemble your project.

Chain of custody and logistics monitoring 

Through the Nous ICT chain of custody and logistics system, we can provide real-time material tracking and logistics monitoring. We track materials from the manufacturer’s factory floor through delivery and application when they are installed by a Nous ICT certified professional.  

Real-time information is sent from the product applicator directly to the manufacturer’s research and development team. We track the amount of product the applicator is applying and job-site conditions, along with local weather and other site-specific information.

Use of the Nous ICT systems significantly increases product warranty, ensures application procedures are properly followed and reduces application error and material waste.